Sunday, December 02, 2007

Writing Weekend pt 2

Very windy here -- so much so that the electricity is flickering every so often. I'm walking around with an LED flashlight in my pocket in case the lights go out.

I woke up this morning with a very typical anxiety dream in my head: I was taking a physics class, and I was failing it; the instructor hadn't figured out grades until the last minute, so it was too late for me to withdraw from the class (thus saving my GPA from the ravages of an F).

On to waking life: I more-or-less finished up the touches to my alien plant story and began working on my Wordos Holiday story. I started writing a kind of continuation of my Wordos Halloween story... and immediately the Winter story became sophomoric. I've got about 700 words of . . . well; it's funny, I guess, in a high school summer movie kind of way.

I went back and looked at the Halloween Story, and I think what it has going for it is vampire chic, campy language, and some funny juxtapositions. And surprises. I think if people like the Winter story, they'll like it because it reminds them of the Halloween story; not because the Winter story works on its own merits (although it does stand alone).

Oh well... at least this version is done and out of my head. Off to write some more and prepare for tomorrow, the third day of writing.
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