Monday, October 15, 2007

Writing Progress

Got some writing time in over the weekend. I managed to edit my latest short story and tighten up some of the dialog. The last third of the story still needs work.

I don't know when we're going to be able to be done with our housepainting. The wet weather has come early and seems to be sticking around. If we don't have rain today and tomorrow then Tuesday evening I can finish the prime coat (and seal the house).

Wedneday marks the official time (in my mind, at least) when we can put up Halloween decorations in the house. It will be nice to take the (small) gargoyle out of storage. I'm experimenting with cutting out bat shapes and placing them in lampshades (thank you, Martha). I have a vague notion that it might be fun to make dough bats and cats and then melt lifesavers for eyes. Mark is going to get some rat silhouettes for decorating shirts.

Murial continues to be an irritant.
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