Friday, October 12, 2007

Writing and Other News

I got a little bit of writing in, about two pages of a story for an anthology. I also polished the Wordos Halloween story a little. I realized that I need to make file backups and do other administrative stuff, too.

Went to Corvallis to scope out the next book signing venue, but I didn't call ahead, so the only person who seems aware of the signing wasn't in. The folks who were there were very nice, but they had no information to work with. I left them a poster or two (they did have WOTF 23 on a display, so at least the book is visible on their shelves).

In other news... I visited with my Grandmother; she seemed happy, but she was sort of falling asleep and kept restarting the conversation with recollections of her walks to elementary school -- I think she said that her older brother, Conrad, walked her through a wooded area about five times. I'm also not sure that she recognized or remembered who I was. At least she's back in her foster home and out of a nursing home, so she's with other (mostly) well folks and has better attention. And as Mark said later, at least it was a positive interaction that made some sort of impression on her.
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