Thursday, August 02, 2007


Things have been very busy here. We're painting the outside of our house. Well. It's probably more accurate to say that we're preparing to paint the outside of the house. Well. OK, all last week my Dad has been coming down to scrape the side of the house while I watch Arthur. At least the weather hasn't been too hot.

Arthur's favorite word the other day was "Ugandans." I guess he was saying it a lot at the library; Mark says that he got a lot of strange looks -- something along the lines of 'Why does your two year old know about Ugandans?' I can only assume that Arthur's picking up more from NPR than I thought. Arthur also seems to like to see people's reactions when he says "damn." Unfortunately, I know that one's my fault (and so does Mark). We're trying to get him to say "Oh blast" instead, or -- more preferably -- "I'm mad/frustrated/whatever". He's probably picked up "oh my God" from Mark, though.

I'm working on a short story (and I just finished a rough draft of it) when I'm not watching Arthur or scraping the side of the house. I also got a rejection for "The Lapis Heron." Oh well... on to the next market.
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