Sunday, July 08, 2007


Mark's sister, Melora, has been visiting from New York for the last few days; so I haven't had much time for e-mail or blogging or anything. I did get a good writing session in the first evening she arrived.

Scene: Arthur, Mark, John and Melora are walking back from the store.

Melora (looking concerned): "Where's the groceries?"

John (turning sideways to display shoulder bag): "They're in my bag."

Mark (holding Arthur): "John's like a kangaroo."

John: "Kangaroo?"

Arthur enjoyed seeing her and was sad when we pulled away from the airport. Very likely he will ask for her when he wakes up tomorrow.

In other news
  • Muriel snuck out of the house and as a result has fleas
  • I got a short story rejection from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • Arthur is warming up to the water slide at the local pool
  • Arthur had his first underwater --um-- adventure at the same pool
  • My Sister is visiting my folks (and cleaning out their garage
  • It's July, which means the weather is going to be in the 90's (ugg)
  • I've just discovered Connie Willis, and so far she's great
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