Sunday, July 22, 2007

Soooo Busted

Scene:  John is carting Arthur away in the car for a day of "Don't Drink the Paint Stripper" while Mark takes his turn at scraping old peeling paint off of the side of the house.

Arthur (in John's arms):  "I like doughnuts."

John (stopping at the car's hood):  "What?"

Arthur:  "I like doughnuts."

John (disbieving his ears):  "You like doughnuts?"

Mark (on a ladder at the side of the house, applying citrus paint stripper):  "Shhhhh!"  

John (still holding Arthur, or he would be standing arms akimbo):  "What have you been feeding the baby?"

Mark:  "It was only one."

Arthur:   "I like doughnuts."

John:  "Doughnuts is plural."

Sheesh, and they didn't bring me one.

PS:  After several days of blissful drizzle, the weather here is horrifically hot.
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