Friday, July 13, 2007

Cheesy Friezes

Arthur has discovered "Fox in Sox." For some reason, "Luke Luck Licks Lakes" is his favorite section of the book -- although he also likes the "Tweedle Beatles." I think the reason Arthur like Luke Luck is that it gives him an excuse to lick things. Like windows. Or the floor.

I was working on a parody that went along the line of "When John sees cheesy friezes he is pleased." But then Mark started going off about the friezes in a church we saw in Ithaca and I stopped.

In related news, we got a baby night off and went to see Arthur Honegger's King David. It was like going to a church play with really good musicians. The music itself was "Stravinski Lite" and the costumes -- well, it looked like someone found a bunch of flower pots, faux skins, and old draperies (at least the tassles on everything were fun, even if it did appear that the actors were wearing black sneakers) -- Oh, yes, and a stash of fake beards.

In some ways the text and the costuming were depressing in the same way the Assyrian friezes I've seen in museums is depressing -- very clannish and all about who smote who and how many people were killed. There were some fun parts: Goliath was a cool looking puppet, and the Witch of Endor was high drama. Musically, the best parts were in the second act: the "Song of the Daughters of Isreal" and "The Dance Before the Ark."

Oh! And we made a discovery. The old Savore Tea Salon has become a Bar and Hair Salon. Perhaps I'll get coifed and a margareta.
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