Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lawncare Adventures

We discovered Arthur's slightly deflated soccer ball with a hole burnt through it. The outside plasticy part was vaporized and the fabric underneath had a charred hole in it.

It had been left outside in a large metal bowl. I think the hole was caused by the curve of the metal bowl focusing the sun's rays onto the soccer ball. When I picked the ball up the motion forced air out of the hole. Time to write a warning to The Fearful Parent.

Grandma Mary and Mark got Arthur a harmonica when they went to the MET last week. So of course I was playing it during a pause in our yard work. As I was picking out Papagino's song on it, Mark said, "It's Handel's Harmonica Hoedown!"

"Actually," I said, "It's Motzart."

Any further reply was drown out by our neighbors across the street and three houses down, who began to share KZEL's rock broadcast with the area.

These are the same folks who mow their lawn in two inch pumps (which I'm in awe of).
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