Saturday, June 02, 2007

June Madness Begins






This is harder than it sounds.

When we got back to the Willamette Valley the pollen was really bad -- Mark went on some allergy meds. Arthur spent Tuesday through Thursday in some other time zone and persisted in waking up at 5:30 AM and starting his morning nap at 8:30 AM. I thought I was reacting to the pollen, too; but on Thursday afternoon when it was 80F and I was wearing two shirts to stay warm I knew I had an airlines cold (or else I was having a really interestnig reaction to antihistamines). Friday evening Arthur's nose started running, too, so I'm pretty sure he has my cold. Mark has been wonderful about letting me sleep a lot -- and our friends the Wilds win some sort of award for taking Arthur away Thursday night.

Arthur's birthday signals the start of the crazy season when it seems a major event happens every fourth day. It's Father's Day, Solstice, Gay Pride, the Full Moon, and someone always visits for or from a wedding.

Muriel isn't too much of an irritant, but she continues to be needy.
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