Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Consumer at Two Years

Mark looked at yesterday's posting. "They'll never get it, John," he said. "You can't tell from the second photo that Arthur is shoving a harmonica down Elmo's throat. You need an intermediate photo that shows more harmonica."

To me it's pretty clear from the photos and the text what's going on. Oh well.

Scene: After viewing a garbage truck pick up containers with its claw and dump them into itself, Arthur has grabbed the cloth stroller and is heading up the street.

Arthur (Pushing the stroller in bare feet): "Arthur. Going. Arthur. Going."

John (in bare feet on the sidewalk about ten feet behind): "Arthur, where are you going?"

Arthur (pausing one second then continuing): "Arthur going shopping."

John: "Shopping? What are you going to get?"

Arthur (turning the corner and making the stroller do a wheelie): "P.O.G.!!!*"

John: "Well, we can go shopping; but I need to change your diaper, first."

Arthur: "No!"

* P.O.G. = pomegranite, orange and guava juice mix. At one point I thought it was a healthy drink until I looked at the lable. It's probably better than The Evil Drink, but only because it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup or phosphoric acid.
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