Friday, May 25, 2007

Kumbaya, That's Insane!

Today was Mark's day without Arthur; so he's taken his Mother to the MET.

Arthur's been waking up at 3 AM -- this morning was no exception, and we fed him a banana and gave him a drink of water because he missed his bedtime snack. The only problem was that he really woke up afterwards.

Mark was great and took him out of the bedroom to watch "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" around 4 AM. They fell back to sleep (I guess) around 6:30.

Kristina has no school today, so we spent a quiet morning watching more "Chitty" and then I managed to get Arthur to take a nap. He looked pretty glassy eyed and seemed kind of loopy, so I imagine a long nap will be helpful for him. Tomorrow is another big day with lots of relatives, so I'd like him to have a day of rest.

Kevin, Melora's son, arrived in the afternoon. Arthur spent most of the first hour blowing Kevin away with words like "pungent" and "Kumbaya", and correctly supplying the synonym "insane" for Kevin's "crazy." Then Arthur head-butted Kevin on the nose (on purpose); since Kevin is a boxer, he was impressed.

Friday evening Melora, Kevin, and I went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest movie. It was interesting and fun and grim. I actually had a hard time hearing a lot of the dialog because there were so many explosions, loud waves, and music.

Since I haven't seen the second movie, I had to imagine that I was watching an inexplicable French movie and just let the characters and plot fall into place (it helped that Kevin explained some key points).

I found myself analyzing the plot. I didn't know precisely why the goddess character did what she did at the end -- but it looked cool. And near the end I thought the plot was being "the pirate wanna-bes will love this" driven. But it was fun.
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