Sunday, May 20, 2007

Call the Police

I woke up (underneath the gaze of Hannah and the Care Bears) before Arthur (who slept really late).

Kristina, Mellisa, Mark, Arthur and I went to a local park and ran around. I managed to leave my bag (with my wallet, my cell phone, clie, iPod, my tarot cards, my Big Book of Art) in the park's parking lot.

We went to the store, and didn't discover my bag was gone until we got home. Mark and I hopped into a car and drove to the park. Mark remembered that he had his cell phone, so I called my cell phone.

"John ... Burridge's phone," said a man's voice on the other end.

"Hi," I said. "This is John. Where are you?"

It was a nice policeman and he had my bag. Luckily, he had driven into the parking lot where I left it before anyone couuld call it in as a bomb threat. On the way to retrieve my bag from friendly Officer Mitchel, Mark and I discussed proximity alarms for my bag and wallet. I've decided that I always make these kinds of mistakes when I'm in a new environment.

Megan, Morgan, Marlie, and Masio visited from New Paltz. Arthur is in between Marlie and Masio age-wise, and they played together fairly well.
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