Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adjusting to Time Zones

We slept most of the morning in the "Hannah Montana Memorial Guest Room." For the next week I will wake underneath the gaze of Hanna Montana (a sort of 90's Annette Funichelo) and a host of Care Bears. Arthur and Kristina played well together during the afternoon.

Then we went to visit Veronica at Ole Ole, the restaurant she works at. Arthur flirted with the waitresses, and we decided to eat there. Mark let Arthur play with Melora's car key chain. So dinner conversations in the entire restaurant stopped when Arthur figured out how to use her safety whistle.

When we went back to Mark's Mom's house, I got sucked into the SciFi channel, and saw the penultimate, first, second and third episodes of "Heros." OK, it was after 1 AM when I went to sleep (buy hey, that's only 11 PM west coast time).
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