Saturday, April 28, 2007



I've been in a day-long critique session with twenty other authors. We got through seven stories and we've seven more tomorrow. It's kind of tiring. I'm trying to process the critique I recieved for a story I had today -- mostly today's feedback confirmed an earlier critique I had (which I was positive was wrong, but now I'm not so sure). As usual, I used too many words' tertiary meanings, and my characters' emotional calculus was off a bit for most people. I did locate my audience, though -- David Raines. I guess my audience is priests who are grounded in words like ethos and ancient Greek culture. The critique was good for helping me to get over the story -- I like it too much, but I guess it goes back to the "fix it" pile.

Tomorrow I've got another story on the critique pile. I'm hoping it receives a more positive critique, although it does have the made up word "Genesisiarch" in it.

Mark took Arthur to the coast today. The first beach they went to was "scary" -- I'm not sure why; I think Arthur fell into a small stream (less than ankle deep) and got wet. The second beach was better and involved Arthur finding driftwood to add to some ladies' fire. Mark says that Arthur's getting two new teeth, so he was kind of cranky.

Tomorrow, Mark and Arthur will watch our friends, the Wilds, running in a marathon.
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