Sunday, March 11, 2007

You Are Getting Sleepy

The last few days have been a bit of a blur. Arthur has been really cranky, going from zero to sixty to zero to sixty to zero. He's also been waking up at ungodly hours. I think there might be a tooth involved. It got so bad that Saturday we took him to the doctor to make sure that the problem wasn't his ears (he'd been on antibiotics a few weeks earlier for a slight ear infection). The doctor at the Saturday clinic pronounced his ears "dull" but not infected (and therefore not the source of Arthur's frequent and violent mood swings).

When it's mostly sunny and in the seventies, like today, the best solution seems to be to let him run loose at a park. I have a feeling a giant hamster wheel may be looming for those rainy days. On bad days, when Arthur doesn't get what he wants -- oh the high drama! -- I suppose that it's wrong to want to laugh when he hits his forehead on the floor (on purpose) and then says, "Youch!"

On the other hand, when he's not having a melt-down, Arthur's one of the most even-tempered kids I've met -- I don't know too many twenty-two month olds who would put up with fourty-five minutes of seeing a home show from a backpack.

This weekend was a domestic weekend. Mark was a sweetie and put a cap on our chimney; the chimney swifts wont be happy, but at least we wont have to listen to baby swifts being fed at odd hours of the day. We also did yard maintainence, and I think the drabness of last year was due in part from neglect from the house's previous tenants. We're taking a wait-and-see approach to the yard; once we've figured out what everything is, I think we'll remove a few odd choices in shrub placement and only add sunflowers, irises and strawberries to the current plantings.

This evening Mark watched Arthur while I got to speak as the neopagan speaker at a Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Service. It was interesting and educational. There were several times when the dome of the church the service was held in reflected conversations into my ears and it was all I could do not to say, "I can hear you." I'll have to work that into a story...

My presentation was a four minute guided meditation on air, fire, water and earth. I worried that it would be too rushed to be meaningful, but my radio voice saved me. (Afterwards, several folks wondered if I worked in radio and two more jokingly wanted to know if I had any hypnosis tapes.) The event was well received and I think CUUPs might see a jump in interest.

Well... off to bed so that when Arthur wakes up at an ungodly hour (on daylight savings time) I'll be coherant.
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