Thursday, March 29, 2007

Writing Goals

+ Mailed Write-O-Rama story to Eric so he can send it to our Guest Editor
+ Printed out a very rough draft (still no ending) of "Lapis Heron"
+ Did about a forty-five minutes worth of line edits on the printed draft (away from home)

Thursday (big family day -- lots of fun)
+ Re-wrote the dues ex machina part on the palm-top somewhere on I-5.

"Lapis Heron" is getting there; the characters seem a little two dimensional, though.

I'm closing out an old ISP account (should have done it ages ago), and it's taking longer than I thought to get everything transfered from the old servers. A lot of it is really old e-mails, and I've deleted quite a bunch... but there's some that I'd like to keep. I guess I'm a data pack-rat.

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