Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lent's First Thursday

Things are getting back to normal here. Mark got back from a ski trip Tuesday night (he was away when I got the WOTF news). He had a great time spending large amounts of time outside in the cold snow. As I result of his return, after Arthur's swim class, I managed to get about two hours of writing in.

Arthur and I spent the past weekend visiting my folks (and Grandma). My sister, Julie, also came down for the long weekend (and her birthday). My Dad isn't feeling so well, so things were a little low in energy than from the norm. He and Arthur did manage to get about fourty-five minutes into a video of The Magic Flute; Arthur finally got board when Zarastro sang a long solo about Truth, and my Dad had to fast-forward to the Queen of the Night's Revenge Aria. When Arthur was rooting around in a box of my Mother's, he found a lost key; she was so happy that clothing from Costco jumped into her shopping cart later that day.

My Grandmother continues to do as well as expected -- she was fairly lucid when she was awake, and she's beginning to realize that she's not at her home. I believe she'll be able to leave the nursing home fairly soon. I still continue to be amazed at her good attitude towards her situation, which is that virtual strangers take care of her.

During all the time spent on the road, I think of things I might do with the WOTF money. So far I've got
  • Buy a LCD monitor for my desktop to replace the HUGE VTR monitor that takes up a third of my desk
  • Buy a wall charger for my iPod Nano so I don't have to plug it into the Mac all the time
  • Buy an iPod with a video out port
  • Put all of the money into a Nursing Home Fund for sixty years from now
  • Get a domain name for myself
  • Create a paper and photocopy fund to use for rough drafts
  • Splurge at the bookstore for a copy of Ronald Hutton's Stations of the Sun
  • Set aside money for OryCon
  • Get some nice business cards
I'm sure I'll think up more as the days go by.
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