Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Mark wins an award for dealing with the cat this morning at 4. During the clean up, Arthur woke up hungry and Mark fed him a lot. Arthur's going through a growth spurt; he's currently in the Buddha stage and I expect that he'll convert his extra fat into height in a week or two. And in the "rhymes-with-Buddha" department, Arthur's favorite cheese (at least this morning) is Gouda.

I managed to write for about an hour last night -- forgot to get a word count. I got an insight into the story just before I turned out the light; thank goodness for palm pilots by the bed. I'm still waiting to hear from Writers of the Future, but it will probably be next week before they call.

After a week of ice and snow, it's up to the 50's here. Yesterday Arthur and I did a little bit of landscaping, so now we have a step off of the west end of the patio. Oops, Arthur's stirring and we have to go to Scary Reading Hour soon.
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