Monday, January 01, 2007

Still a Finalist


Still no word from WotF.

On Dec 28 I had my first Finalist Anxiety Dream: I dreamt Joni Labaqui, the WotF Contest Director, wasn't really the Contest Director at all, but some sort of literary grifter. I hadn't really reached finalist status, it was all a confidence scam to get into my bank account and steal my identity.

I guess I'm going to have to watch what I eat before going to sleep.

Even though I know some of my fellow Wordos from the year's previous quarters had to wait a really long time (OK, four weeks) to hear about how their stories placed, I kind of hoped that the e-mail that said I'd hear from them "in the next few days" meant within the next seven days. Yeah, I know, it's an unrealistic expectation, especially given the holidays. Still I secretly thought I might receive a New Year's Eve phone call.

So. Now I wait and try not to visit The WotF Blog Site too many times a day and try not to count unhatched chickens.
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