Monday, December 18, 2006

Maybe His Own Room?

Scene: John is sewing a stocking for Arthur while Arthur and Mark are having a sword fight with spatulas in the living room, while the Blue Footed Boobie and the Racoon watch.

Mark: "What's daddy working on?"

Arthur: "Stocking" (a word he learned fifteen minutes earlier). (pause) "Elmo!"

Mark: "He's in daddy's bag on the chair next to the stereo."

(pause while Arthur turns around, walks to the chair around the corner, locates Elmo and returns to the living room.)

Mark (laughing): "Wow."

John (counting on fingers): "That's more than ten words."

Mark: "We're really going to have to watch what we say."

John: "I suppose we could speak in Spanish when we have sex."

Mark (archly): "Olé!"

Arthur: "Olé!"

John: "Perhaps we could use sign. Oh. Wait."
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