Thursday, July 20, 2017

Writing and Wind-staff

Working on a short story which is turning into several short stories in the same setting.   Currently there are three scenes that could turn into stand-alone 1500 to 2000 words short stories.  We'll see how this works out; I'm writing for On The Premise's theme, "community," and what I've got so far seems out of focus.   I've got about 5000 words currently, and after culling the rough bits, it's at about 4000.

Gym:  Went to the dojo for a Windstaff Session.  I remember the form a little from a few years ago and can really use brushing up on it.   Followed by a 20-something minutes on the elliptical for 250 calories, and 10-something on the cable-row machine for 100 calories.  I can tell the difference between when I do three times a day in a five day period with a weekend rest and when I do maybe Sunday and Thursday sessions.
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