Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day Four Without Internet

Our lives without Internet are entering the fourth day.

In some ways it's refreshing; but it's also a pain because I hadn't realized how much I synchronize my files over the network.  We listen to radio for music, but I'm missing the music subscription service I use for writing and cleaning music.  I am noticing the lack of e-mail the most.  I'm sort of missing Pinterest, but I use it more for recreation, browsing for craft ideas, or winding down than anything else.  Also, I'll admit to a slight "Clash of Clans" addiction.

On the plus side, it's been a nice break from obsessively surfing social media.  The times that I have connected to Facebook and Twitter, I'm seeing that the latest exploits of Twitler and his Cabinet are reverberating and that if I were reading the news from say NPR, the NYT or the BBC, it would be much less panic-inducing.  Which isn't to say that some sort of citizen action isn't called for, but it would be nice if weren't a panic.  Also, it's struck me that Social Media really feels like a strident political rally all the time now -- which again, while I think using it as a tool for political engagement is great, it's also exhausting sometimes.

The other plus side is that without the Internet, I've more time for reading and actual craft projects.
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