Friday, June 03, 2016

No Organ Recitals

Mark and The Child accuse me of giving "organ recitals" on this blog, so I'm trying to think of something other than the joints in my hands and feet, and now the song, "Sensitivity" from "Once Upon a Mattress" is in my head.

Not much in the dream department that I remember.  Lately they've been adventure dreams.  In one I was a super hero fighting some super villains.  One of the villains was a broom-riding witch.   I forget my super power, although at one point my guitar was a rocket-powered pogo-stick.  Insert Marvel-esque fight between everyone in a dark sky-scraper/mall, featuring someone in hulking armor, here.  I think in another I was solving mysteries ala Scooby-Doo.  

Friday morning I dreamed that I got up and changed the batteries in one of the LED candles in our bedroom.  In the past, I've used LED candles as an alarm clock.  The combination of dying batteries and a March cold put the kabosh on rising early.  After the dream, I got up and actually changed the batteries.  The candle wont come on as early as it should -- 5:30 is really the latest I can get up and still have a useful amount of time for writing -- but at least it will come on.  I should be able to re-motivate myself to write and reset the candle Saturday.  Or Sunday.  Or Monday...

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