Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Portable Writing Desk

One the writing front, I finished re-working a piece that I'd originally written for the Wordos Halloween reading and changed the POV character from the older, wiser character to the younger character who makes a mistake.  Now to find some beta readers for it, because it's made the rounds at the critique table.  I also polished up a pre-existing story--minor character name change for clarity and little tweaks in dialog--and sent it out (fingers crossed).

After mulling it over in my head for several weeks, I cleaned out a 1944 World War II campaign desk I've had forever.  I had been storing a combination of art supplies,  random rocks, old wind-up toys, veils, incense and ceremonial ritual tools in it.  The idea was that I'd use it as a portable altar, but instead it lived in our garage.  Before that it was a kind of costume case.

The Child was very interested in some of my old buttons, and an old koosh, and a few other items that I let him have.  I threw away a few things, and consolidated the rest with other collections.  Then I vacuumed out the dust and washed off the random grime from the outside.  

The idea is that The Child needs his closet back, so I need to figure out some sort of office solution.  Also, Mark appreciates it if I don't leave a zillion manuscripts lying around the house.  I think throwing a cloth over it would help disguise the fact that it's a slightly battered piece of World War II mobile army furniture... but I'm still not sure where in our house it would live.

I think it will be handy to use, if I can find a place for it.  Aside from the martial exterior, its only downside is that it's heavy.  I'll need to find a suitable stand for it if I want to use it as a desk.  Actually... I think two stands for it would be more practical, as lugging it around and a stand will be difficult.   I might re-paint it so it's brighter; but on the other hand it's seventy years old and I think it's an original paint job (maybe I can change the US in black stencil to jUStice.  Or bUSted.  Or jUSt Write!)

Ideally, during the sunnier months, I could sit with it outside and not have to worry about manuscripts blowing away.  We'll see...
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