Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gym Unicorn: Sought by Many, Tamed by Few

The pollen is officially here.

Working out:  I found some exercise videos on-line and applied them to my routine.  What I noticed was that my posture slips unless I'm thinking about my rhomboids and that some of the rowing motions I do probably work a little better if I imagine that I'm pulling back with my elbows instead of my hands.  Went Saturday:  About 210 calories in 25 minutes on the elliptical (I'm noticing my left hip gets a cramp if I start up too quickly).  100 calories in 10 minutes on the rowing machine.  3X12 at 15 on the assisted dip and chin machine.  3x12 at 50 on the pec fly (with a wider setting so I'm starting out a little more stretched out than I had been).  3X12 at 80 on the lat-pull down (being careful to pull from the rhomboids and not move my torso so much).  3X12 curl-ups (which I guess are really called vertical crunches or something).   3X12X35 lbs barbell curls.  An assorted number of overhead dumbbell triceps curls until I had to flee the gym to avoid something horrific over the stereo.  

I've been using a calendar app to remind me to go to the gym, and I think it's helping.  On the plus side, I think I'm getting rid of some flab.  On the minus side, I'm feeling sore; sometimes I think it's from when storms roll in, but other times my joints feel a little worn.  I guess that's the peril of being over 50.

I saw an internet picture of a shirtless buff guy in a kind of unicorn outfit (rainbow lighting unicorn pants, fluffy white hat thing with a thick golden unicorn horn, and rainbow leg warmers).  I'm having a moment of ambiguous body goals, because I'd like to look like that; but on the other hand, unicorn guy isn't an ectomorph; but back on the first hand, I think I could get obliques like that; but back on the second hand is breaking down my body into various sets of -oids a dismembered way of viewing myself; but back on the first hand "and I'd be as hard as nails / and they'd only want me more / if I was a folly girl ... (and continuing Dot's song, '...nah, I wouldn't like it much / married men and stupid boys / and all the smoke / and all the noise...").

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