Monday, May 02, 2016

Dream: Hiding from the System

Dreams... have been vaguely unpleasant.   Friday night both Mark and I had unpleasant dreams, so I wonder if something in the environment hasn't been agreeing with us.  I don't know what Mark dreamed, but I dreamed we had a big fight.

Although, now that I think about it, Sunday/Monday I almost had a lucid dream when I caught myself flying and Mark asked, "What are you doing that for?"  We were at Reed College.  You needed a student or alumni card to get in anywhere, and they'd paved over Eliot Circle and replaced it with a concrete plaza and fountain.  The dorm I lived in seamlessly turned into a retail mall and I commented on it to Mark (this is what I get for reading a critique of NeoLiberalism in academia and the Digital Humanities before going to bed).

Earlier in the dream, a bunch of us broke into some kind of campus office, maybe a museum office.  J.G. (a professor from work), D.K. (dressed as a computer executive), and others were there.  I think I had managed to shimmy through a window and let everyone in.  We were looking at an exhibit (or something) when we heard a ton of folks enter the building.  "Hide!" someone said. 

D.K. and I managed to avoid some folks, but then there were too many, so I said, "You're my boss," and I started talking loudly about needing to lock doors.  We blended in with the horde of folks checking each room and re-locking offices.  There was a complicated exchange with a rotating deadbolt mechanism on a chain that allowed you to pull a deadbolt after you when you locked a door (which would be like laking the door from the inside, but I didn't realize this in the dream).  

There was more about needing a card to get through an electronic gate at all the Reed buildings, and something about someone who dropped a USB RAMstick... and then Mark was talking to me about flying.
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