Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dream: By the Light of the Night

Dreams:  Friday night.  I was riding my bicycle to Philomath.  I think it had started out day when I began, but it was night when I noticed the shadow of a police car in front of me. (waking, I'm not sure how I could notice the shadow of the car on the ground in front of me unless there was a light behind it).  I knew that it was a police car because the shadow had boxy flashers on the top.  I realized that I hadn't put a head or tail light onto the bike.  My recall is a little muddy here, because I took a short cut up a cliffy hill and the policeman followed me.  (I have the feeling I might have dreamed this spot earlier, because the place was very familiar to me.)  I stopped at tricky to navigate cliff at the top of the hill because it was getting dark, the path was narrow, and it kind of wasn't the place to ride a bike.
There was a conversation about tickets and trespassing and what are you going to do? that I don't recall precisely.  There was a kind of apartment just below the peak, and I became MacGyver and started rooting around through the toiletries.  I mixed together something like Vaseline, potassium, and a third ingredient, rubbed it on my chest, and the chemicals combined with the movements of my muscles into a photo-electric gel that turned my entire torso into a giant LED.  

Nighttime bike riding problem solved.  

Then the dream got very weird, in a bad 80's disco kind of way, with MacGyver posing awkwardly in Saturday Night Fever poses and glowing.  And then it turned into some kind of gothic horror show/ripoff of Rosemary's baby and Mark came in and asked me why I was watching bad TV.



This is what I get for looking at videos of how to exercise your rhomboids just before going to bed.  In related news, I'm probably doing my lateral pull-downs wrong, as I shouldn't be moving my back during the pull-down (and I"m probably breathing out when I should be breathing in).
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