Monday, May 16, 2016

Art, Working Out, and Fumes

Friday night I went to the Eugene Maker Space and used the laser cutter there to cut out an Eye of Horus design out of 1/4 inch birch plywood.  It was like using the Silhouette paper-cutter at the art shop, except with a tool that could burn your eye out if you looked at it the wrong way.

Actually, it was pretty cool... although working with the laser cutter was sort of like working with the paper cutter in that an intricate design takes longer to cut, and the unevenness in the materials (in this case plywood) means that not all of the cuts went all the way through.  I spent a long time with various blades working around the incomplete cut before I managed to pop out one of the Eyes.  The other one is a very deep etching.

Working out:  Went to the gym Sunday morning.  30 minutes and 310 cal on the elliptical.  3X18 assisted dips (no chins) at 14.  3X12 at 50 lbs on the pec fly.  3x12 at 80 lbs on the lat pull-down.  3x13 hanging crunches.  3X12 at 12 lbs uh, Arnold lifts? on dumbbells, with 3X4(x2) shoulder shrugs, followed by some overhead triceps curls.

When I got back home, I discovered that Mark had done something with an old can of paint thinner (Xylene, Acetone, and Methyl-ethyl-ketone).  I smelled it the instant I walked through the door.  I retreated to the showers, but it was still wafting into the house when I was done and the sides of my tongue started tingling.  So I scooped up The Child and fled the house.

When we returned several hours later, the fumes had aired out.  On the plus side, The Child and I had a fairly pleasant brunch.
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