Friday, April 22, 2016

Flowers and Weather

Working Out:  Went Tuesday.  20-something minutes on the elliptical for 230 calories.  8 reps at 18, 16 and 14 on the assisted dip/chin machine.  12 reps at 40 and 2X12 at 50 lbs on the pec fly.  12 reps at 70 and 2X12 at 80lbs on the lat pulldown.  2x12 curl-ups.  

I had some dream early this morning, but I don't recall the content.  Lately I've been listening to Jean Micheal Jarre, and my sense is that a mash of his later electronica was the soundtrack.

The temperatures the last few days have unseasonably been in the mid 80's.  The morning's aren't so bad, but the house does get a trifle warm by the late afternoon.  It's good shorts weather, but of course I fret that we wont see any more rain until next October.  Thankfully, thunderstorms are rolling in this evening and rain is forecast for this weekend.

Luckily, it hasn't been too dry for the irises, which I need to make a special effort to appreciate and smell.  We've got some in the front driveway, and the purple flowers are aways pleasant to see as I pull in or pull out.  We also have them surrounding the ornamental cherry tree.  
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