Friday, April 01, 2016

Dream: Three Ladies of the Aurora

Labyrinth dream Tuesday night.  I don't recall a whole lot other than I was leading a bunch of folks through a kind of spy house, and we got a little turned around and I said, "Oh, we have to go this way AND THEN turn left."  While I was speaking, we were travelling through a hallway, and I pushed  a dead-end wall back and then slid it sideways so we could go through a secret passage to the rest of the spy house.  The spy house was a kind of L-shaped concrete and glass affair, with atriums and balconies.

The other part of the dream that I remember was after the spy house.  I think Mark was with me, but I was travelling with at least one other person on a broomstick.  It might have been a Star Wars style speed bike.  The broom or bike was going very quickly, and I was at the tip; I may have been standing and leaning forward.  In any case, we were about thirty or forty feet in the air and travelling very fast to meet The Three Ladies of the Aurora.  They were giantesses covered in shimmering lights of teal, blue, and purple.  Each Lady had her own signature color streaming up off of their body and arcing into the twilight sky.  The Purple Lady was the oldest (she had grey hair done in a coiffure that I'm realizing in real life is based on my grandmother's) and the most mysterious and the most dangerous.  The Teal Lady was (probably) the youngest; she and the Blue Lady were younger and less dangerous.  It wasn't that they were mean or malicious, it was more that they were wild and untamed, like a thunderstorm or a solar flare.

We were travelling very fast toward a copse of trees where they lived and Mark handed me a box and said something like, "You'd better hope that what you need is in this box."  In waking life, the box was a cubic wooden box I own.  I opened the box, and at on the top there was white butcher paper wrappings, which flew out of the box because we were travelling so fast.  Underneath that were golden petals of a flower, possibly a yellow poppy, which were nice, but not useful, although I have a vague notion that I could have given the thin gold to the Three Ladies.   We were zooming closer and closer to the The Ladies, who stood over the trees, their cold flames leaping up to the sky and weaving together.   Under the gold was a pair of dark sunglasses.  This was the item I needed.  I put them on and was given a small measure of protection from The Ladies.  

There was an interaction with them, but I don't recall exactly what was said or done.

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