Friday, April 22, 2016

Coastal Hike

Last Sunday we went to the Three Rocks / Lincoln City area for a hike with N.H. and G.H. (their teen-age boys did not come with them).  We started off at a parking lot with a name I'd thought I'd remember (a single, two-syllable word like "Wizard Park" or something like that).  It was off of the Salmon River.

The skunk cabbage was beginning to bloom, and it wafted over the parking lot.  It doesn't really smell like skunks, but it does have a pungent aroma.

When The Child went to visit the boat landing there, I thought it looked vaguely familiar.  Later, as we climbed and I looked across the river at the little cove, I realized I was looking at Camp Westwind.  

I thought we were going to the beach, but I should have realized it would be more of a hike since we were meeting N and G.  I typically get cold at the beach, and I didn't exactly trust the temperature forecast, since a cloud and the wind can make the coast feel ten degrees colder than expected.  So, I ended up wearing jean,  a white turtleneck, and a long-sleeved purple cowboy shirt.  (Mark accuses me--rightly--of always being underdressed on these ventures, and I probably over-compensated.)  N commented that I was very well dressed for a hike.  I noticed that all the Oregonians were dressed in tank-tops and shorts.

We hiked through a nature conservancy area.  At first we were in the shade of trees and followed a little stream.  The setting reminded me of the upper Reed College canyon.  It was a little warm, even in the shade, and whenever we happened upon a tributary stream, we appreciated the cooler air surrounding it.  I took off the purple shirt I wore as an outer layer.

We broke out of the trees and followed the path through swaying, calf-high grasses.  Several small birds, possibly falcons (they had cross-bow shaped wingspans and square tails) flew overhead, along with vultures and some bald eagles.  The wind cresting over the south side of the slope made me with for a hang-glider.

After about an hour or so of hiking, resting, and climbing, we made it to the geological marker near the top.  At this point I discovered that both the batteries in my camera and in its case were dead.  So no pictures of this hike.

After a light lunch of sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and chocolate.  We hiked back down.  I had a nice conversation with N about writing, kids, and learning styles.

Then we drove to a beach near Lincoln City's lighthouse court.  It also has a cute name that I can't remember.

The Child ran to the surf.  When it lapped over my bare feet I thought my feet were going to freeze off.

I spent some time talking with G, and then went to strand with my beach compass to make geometrical figures in the sand.  After a while, I looked at my arms.  There was a sharp tan line just above my elbows; below it my arms were getting sunburnt, above it, my triceps were pasty white.  It looked like I was wearing very long red gloves.

Monday morning I woke up a little sore and tired.
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