Thursday, March 03, 2016

Random Thoughts In Early March

Mark returned from a buisness trip.  He'd been gone a few days, and got home after 9PM.  Seeing him in the hallway, handsome in his brown vest and office attire, sent a little thrill through me, and I realized that I'd missed the way he is in the house and my life.

I dreamed I was stretching out my shoulder and a woman came up to me and asked me if it was sore. I explained that I'd been doing pec flies and somehow we got onto a discussion of stretches and working out on machines versus with free weights.  I did use a wider setting on the pec-fly machine in real life, and I've been feeling it.

Many of the trees are in bloom.  Others have leaves budding out at the tips of thier branches.  It's daffodil season here, we've got some in the back yard and a ton along the east side of the house; Mark would like more.  And our grass is growing like crazy.  

Work is kind of fun right now; I'm learning a new database query system.  It talks to the Student Data Warehouse system.  Queries are created through a mostly icon-driven interface; I'm hoping that I'll find some of the written syntax at a class, because writing queries right now feels very "Macintoshy" with all the icon moving.  

Writing:  Continuing where I left off last January...

I inserted a simple black-and-white snowflake graphic directly into the Scrivener files.  I also created a cover.  Compiling the document into a new ePub document seems to have worked.  Now that the book is mostly the way I want it, I need to run it past a few editors for the stupid mistakes I've inevitably put in.  We'll see what she finds and then I hope to put out a short story on Amazon.  Then I'll have to do some more.  
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