Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Secrets of Geometry!

There.  I simplified the design a little and this is what the end result looks like (although Blogger keeps adding a black frame around the whole thing).  All the circles except the one circumscribing the square are unit circles.  


Now, of course, I want to rotate the inner circle and see if the pentagon and large triangle lines do interesting things.  And this is still making the signal-detection part of my brain light up.

Possible mystic uses
  • Make a medallion and use it as a key for a lock mechanism  
  • Use the design to twist wire into a Cosmic Antenna.  
  • Place precious stones at the vertices and make either an Etheric Force Field or a Sex Chakra Energizer 
  • Use it as a Magical Alphabet template (A is already there)
  • Turn it into a clock face 
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