Wednesday, February 03, 2016

More Skiing

We went skiing at Willamette Pass again this weekend.  Sunday was a bluebird day, meaning that there was no cloud cover (or rain).   

The Child and I started out on Sleepy Hollow.  During one lift up, the chairs stopped about twenty feet from the top.  We sat there for a few minutes, long enough to compose the following haiku:

Snow on green branches
Winter waits for Spring's coming
Like I wait for you.

This didn't exactly enthrall The Child, who only got into haiku when it turned mean:

You whining bratling
Stop your ceaseless complaining
How you suffer so.

The Child channeled his Inner-Road-Runner and missiled straight down the slope.  In contrast, I did S-curves down the slope, with "Premadonna" on my lips.

Mark and The Child went to more advanced slopes, and I played on Sleepy Hollow.  I thought I might have a moment to commune with the trees while riding the chair lift, but The Child had been replaced by two little boys belting out "The Final Countdown" at the top of their tiny lungs (they tried *The Imperial March,* but they didn't know the tune so well).

After lunch, I took a group lesson.  The instructor was great.  I do wish the class size had been a little smaller, (especially after a person who ended up skiing into me after she lost control on the slopes) but oh well.

Last time we went skiing, I wiped out on the green circle run, Duck Soup.  this time around, the class started out on the Sleepy Hollow runs, and then we moved to the steeper (and longer) run.  Probably the most fun part of the class was learning how to slide sideways (on purpose) on skis.
Surprisingly, I can still walk without my calves seizing up.
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