Monday, February 15, 2016

Geometry Obsession

My latest geometrical obsession has been the relationship between hexagons, pentagons, squares, and triangles.  The other week, I saw a picture of how hexagons and pentagons were related and started playing around with variations.

Mark accused me of designing Satanic or Illuminati designs, so I had to take out the pentagrams.

The arrangement of figures is tripping the signal detection part of my brain.  The small square and all the other polygons share the same unit side.  The unit side is also the radius of all of the circles in this figure but large one surrounding the large square.  The large square has sides twice as long as the small square.  The way that they all fit together intrigues me, but I think all this design is showing is the relationship between pi and phi.

I've been fiddling with a colored version of this, because I want to make something that could hang in the house without it looking like a tattoo parlor sample.
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