Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Working Out and Arms

Working Out:  Went to the gym Monday night.  The afternoon was a balmy 60 F and sunny, so I'd spent the time outside at Café John writing.  25 minutes and 250 calories on the elliptical.  Sometimes my left hip seems to cramp at. the beginning, and this was a crampy session.  10 minutes and 100 calories on the rowing machine.  I did four cycles of five reps each on the assisted dip/chin machine, decreasing the weight from almost full assist (which means my "weight" started out at something like 50 pounds) by two spots each time.  No pulled latissimus dorsi yet.  Downstairs, 3x12x40 lbs on the pec fly; 1x12x70 + 2X12x80 lbs on the lat pull-downs.  3x13 curlups.  3x12x35lb barbell curls.

A Wordo alum was at the gym, and I think it must have been his arm night, because he was doing things like 10 unassisted chin-ups (I can maybe do one), and inclined push-ups.  He's got good upper-arm definition, so I'm thinking I should look into adding a few more arm exercises.  (Thinks) I think I've got OK arm definition, but that old ectomorphic swimmer's-build thing is coming into play, so I have narrower, longer muscles rather than buffed-up wider ones.  Also, I'm fifty-one, and I'm pretty sure being thirty-something would make it easier to have bulkier arms... oh well.
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