Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Three Phrases

I've been thinking about three quotes lately.  The first one is from Star Trek, the original series, where Mr. Spock says to the technologically advanced but childish Trelane, Squire of Gothos, "...I object to intellect without discipline.  I object to power without creative purpose."  Mostly I've been cajoling The Child with this quote whenever he starts going on and on about various Reality You-Tubers and (to a lesser extent) Minecraft You-Tubers.

The second one I ran across in Usula Le Guin's writings, where she quotes Socrates:  "The misuse of language induces evil in the soul."  I like it on it's own, because it sounds like something Fowler or Henry Higgins might say about the words we choose to write or speak.  But more to the point it's about using passive sentence construction to weasel out of meaning and responsibility.  ("The gun was shot.")

The third phrase is in my blog's masthead (with a tip of the pen to Jane Yolen):  majesty, mystery, portents, awe, surprise, wonder, beguilement, connection.  Sometimes I forget these words and I have to remind myself they're the reason I write.

Working Out;  Went to the gym today.  Elliptical: 12 mintes, about  120 calories.  Rowing machine: 10 minutes, about 110 calories.  Assisted dip/chin:  30X10 at 14.  Pec-fly: 3X12X50lbs.  Lat pull-down: 3X12X80lbs.  I was running late, so I had to leave without the other stuff.
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