Tuesday, January 05, 2016

January Journal.

Working Out.  Monday.  Elliptical: 20 minutes and just under 200 calories.  Rowing machine: 10 minutes and 105 calories.  Assisted dips: 3X10 at 14.  Assisted chins 3X8 at 14 (I've been doing the assisted chinups with a wide grip, and I noticed when I had a narrower grip on the bar it was tons easier to do).  Pec-fly 3X12X50lbs + 1X5X50lbs.  Lat pull-down: 1X12X70lbs + 2X12X80lbs + 1X5X80lbs.  Curl-ups: 3X12.  Bar-bell Curls:  3X12X25lbs (I've been doing 35lbs, but wanted to get home and still ease into the barbells).

Writing.  I managed to get some maintenance writing in over the holiday, but it's the writing equivalent to practicing scales.  Between the holidays and a cold I picked up, writing got the kabosh.  I did manage to submit an application to a writing residency.  If I get in, I'll spend 12 days in a remote Oregon location writing; I'm hoping to turn it into a kind of mini NaNoWriMo.  
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