Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Home Altars

It's been rainy here the last two weeks or so.  The up side of all the rain is that we're getting a lot of snow in the mountains, too.  The down side is that the mornings have been socked in, so I haven't been able to see the string of five planets in the morning.

Over the holiday, I cleared off the top of my chest of drawers of all the hats and receipts and paper projects and spent batteries and spare change and  and turned it into a kind of altar space.  I've placed some tokens at the cardinal directions: an athame to the east, a green lava-lamp to the north-east, a shell to the west, crystals to the north, some Egyptian-themed boxes, and other assorted items.  In the south is my gym pass... Against the north wall I put up a mini stand for my necklaces and pendants; I used to wear them more, and I'm hoping that having them out will remind me to wear them more often.  

In the center is a finger labyrinth.  It takes about fifteen seconds to run my finger through the course; usually I hum "Center of the Sun."  While this isn't a full-blown ritual, which the rest of the family probably appreciates, I suppose it counts as a daily prayer.  

 I've fallen out of observing full moon and the stations of the sun with ritual... which comes with being a solitary.   But being aware of the cycles of the seasons is sort of the point to Earth-based mystery religion...  Now of course, while I'm thinking about it, there isn't enough room for Portable Stonehenge.  Hmmm.  If I re-arranged some of the boxes, I might have room for it.  I'm sure having too many symbolic, ritual items on one's altar is a metaphor.  

And don't forget the cat -- it's only a matter of time before Smokey decides that jumping up onto the chest of drawers is a good way to get us to spring out of bed and pick him up before he knocks something over.

Working Out:  Went to the gym Saturday morning and opened the place up.  Did my regular routine at my latest high weights (except the barbell curl), and I think I pulled my lats.  On the plus side, when I clench my back, I'm just barely beginning to look like those guys with a V-shaped chest.  I probably look U-shaped.
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