Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Reading

Last night was the Wordos Holiday reading.  It was packed with folks, and we had twelve shorts to read aloud.  I think the funniest story was about a mechanical Christmas carol moose; the most serious was a serious CJ-Cherryh-Morgain-esque science fiction story; the most political involved President Trump.  They were all fun or interesting to listen to; I think I was sitting at the dark end of the really long table (my story was about discovering one's first love is really mercantile).

Just one (or possibly two) more run to the craft store for Holiday Paper Craft.  It's nice to be able to give out this year's construction when I have extras, and people seem to like what I've created.

Working out... um.  Right.  Between writing the holiday short and Holiday Paper Craft, I haven't made it to the gym.  My Very Noble Goal for my holiday break is to go in in the mornings before Mark goes to work.  

My other Nobel Goal for the holiday break is to spend some time getting an e-book story out when I'm not otherwise engaged with The Child.  I'm trying to recall what we did in the 70's... because I'm really only recalling playing and sort of hanging out during the two weeks or so of vacation.  My dad must have been around for a lot of it because he was a teacher, and my mom worked some of the time.  I guess I'll have to ask my sister.

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