Friday, October 02, 2015

Journal and Retrograde Mercury

Working Out:  Tuesday night (last week) after Wordos, I had a pick-up workout.  200 cal on the elliptical (and critiquing), then 100 cal on the rowing machine.  I did 10X2 chin-ups and dips at 16.  Downstairs, I did reduced weight routine.  3X12 at 30 lbs on the pec-fly.  3X12 at 70 lbx on the lat pull-downs.  12 curl-ups.  3X12 30lbs. on the bar-bells

Wednesday (last week).  I did 200 cal on the elliptical (and critiquing).  The rowing machine was in use.  10X3 chin-ups and dips at 14.  Downstairs, I did 3X12 at 40 lbs on the pec fly.  3X12 at 80lbs on the lat pull-down.  3X12 curl-ups.  3X12 35bls.  bar bells.

Writing:  I have been getting up at 5:30 or 6 and writing.  Obviously, I get more done when I arise earlier.  This week has been difficult, but I've managed to write, finish up and edit the short story (5500 words) that I started at the Ken Scholes workshop.  I'm hoping to have it critiqued by the Wordos next Tuesday (on track for that).

Thursday was a retrograde Mercury morning from Hell.  I couldn't find my work key (which I'd had to do without the day before).  Then I couldn't find my car keys, which I think were moved either by Car Key Gremlins or The Child.  

I managed to get The Child to school.  Then I got to work and realized that I did not have a valid parking tag, nor did I have the Office Birthday Snack for one of my office-mates.  I drove back home, got the parking tag and thought... I wonder if my work key is at the gym.  I tried to look up their number, but as soon as I did, the internet on the home computer went out.  Not even ipconfig \renew * would fix it (which pretty much assured me that it was there). 

I zipped over to the store and got the supplies I'd need for the day.  I wound up driving by the gym, and picked up the key that had in fact, fallen out of my pocket (or something) Tuesday night.  Surprisingly enough, there was a parking stall open when I got to work (I can only assume that Retrograde Mercury caused one of the undeserving SUV drivers to have a flat tire).  
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