Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Working Out, Grasshopper Stytle

Working Out:  Last week I managed to get to the gym four times.  Monday I did a shorter session than normal.  Managed to get the elipical and rowing machine in.  (About 200 calories in 25 minutes between the two).  Then it was on to assisted dips and chin-ups.  I can't do a chin-up without help, and I"m hoping the machine will get me to the point where I can do them without an assist.   Downstairs I only had time for lat pulldowns, pec flies and some curl-ups before I had to leave.

On a different note, I'm taking a short complimentary Kung-Fu Wind Staff class.  So last Wednesday and last Monday, I was swinging around a bamboo pole as long as my arm span around.  The things to remember are:  to use small appropriate forces on the staff to move it instead of pulling muscles brute forcing it around, and to think about where the end of the staff is moving because that's where you're going to hit someone.

So far I haven't pulled any muscles in my legs or hips doing the pubu, mabu, or other Shaolin stance.  And I've only hit myself with the staff a couple of times.  What probably hurts the most is folding my thumb for the blade hand stance.

I've yet to see if "Dragon Reaching for the Chocolate" is an actual stance.
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