Sunday, July 12, 2015


 This spring we broadcast various California poppy seeds around the yard.  Alas, only one plant reached maturity, and it is in an awkward place on our backyard steps.  Mark is hopeful it will self-seed in a more out-of the way place next season.

It's possible a few will show up next year in various spaces around the yard.
Not to be daunted by the lack of random broadcasting's success, I made a concerted effort to plant seedings in peat pots in the late spring and then place the established plants about the yard.

This Saturday, the first of the plants flowered.  These appear to be a darker orange variety.  Our soil isn't the best,and the first bloom appeared in the best soil.

There is something cheerful about California poppies.  They make a nice contrasting plant to the foxglove Mark has established, and I'm hoping we can have some more blooming next year.
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