Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Journal Stuff

Working Out:  Monday's session was truncated.  Only managed the eliptical, rowing machine, and assistend dips/chin-ups upstairs; then only lat-pulls and pec-flies.

Writing: I've been attempting to re-write the beginning section of a story.  Right now it's week on setting details and the reader isn't sure who the main character is and what her main problem is.  The most receint round of critique suggested that for a short story I should just call some of the relatives aunts or aunties, and save aunts=your mother's sister, auntie=your father's sister, and auntins=your aunt-in-law and a similar kin-ship construction for uncles for a novel.  

I managed to put at dent into the beginning this afternoon.  Tomorrow's task is adding more setting details in the second scene.
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