Thursday, July 30, 2015

Aug 30 Journal

We're on day two of a three-day heat advisory here.  It's supposed to be in the low 100's.  Cooling the house becomes an arcane art involving monitoring the inside temperature, the sunrise, the outside temperature, synchronized watering, opening openings in the house, and closing all the openings in the house.  We should install an exhaust fan in our attic space one of these days...

Working Out:  Wednesday night.  Got about 20 minutes on the elliptical (darn, I forgot to look at the calorie count), 10 minutes on the rowing machine (100 calories), and did three reps of 10 assisted dips plus 8 + 5 assisted chin-ups.  Downstairs 40lb pec-flies, 80lb lat-pulls, 40lb-triceps curls, 3 sets of 12 curl-ups, and 30lb dumbbell curls.  While my arms, chest and upper back have responded well to the exercises I've been doing for about a year, I still have a paunch.  I know you can't spot-melt fat, but I do wish it wouldn't spot-stay.  I suppose I have to give up (or cut way back more than I think I do) on something like (once or twice a week, really) Pepsi.

Writing:  Sat down and just wrote whatever came into my head for a little under an hour (oh dear, only 340 words....).  Then the idea of setting something on a city floating in the upper atmosphere of Venus struck me and I spent about fifteen minutes researching.

It was nice writing, but I have a bunch of partially opened manuscripts that I need to finish or officially close.  Working on them feels more like editing than writing, so I guess I've been letting them float.  Some of them really want to be longer than short stories... so maybe I should take the plunge and make them novel length.

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