Friday, June 19, 2015

Touring NYC

Friday the 12 was a NYC Tour day.

V, The Child and I took the train to Hoboken Station, and then a ferry to the financial district of the city.

The Child has a list of about fifty items he wants to see.  I think if we were in the area for a month there might be a chance of seeing the entire list.  Somewhere I have a map which includes enchanting sites like insane asylums, sites of burnt down buildings, and lairs of pirates and ladies-of-the-evening.  It doesn't seem to matter to The Child that the thing he wants to see fell over, burnt down and then fell into a swamp over a hundred years ago -- he wants to see where it was.

We saw the Twin Towers Memorial; George Washington's pew in Trinity Church; the Wall Street Bull; met up with V's dad, Ray; and took a boat tour of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Freedom Tower, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. Then Ray drove us back to Grandma Mary's through Friday Afternoon City Traffic.

We came back to a house full of cousins and a giant taco feast.  And no puking.
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