Sunday, June 21, 2015

MET Angel Panels

Somewhere in the MET, between the hall of Medieval European art and the Hall of Arms and Armor, there's a chapel that is decorated with wood paneling.  The panels look like they have Freemason symbols on them or something.  Mark pointed out that a few of them had an alter with a burning fatted calf on them.

I like the top photo because of the way cherub wings make a half vesica pisces and the cherub faces fill a kind of half circle.  

I like the second one because of the overlapping ribbons around the seraphim (at least I think it's a seraphim, even if it has only four wings instead of six) make an interesting knot pattern.

The only problem with both photos is that they're more orange-yellow than the actual panels, which were more of a reddish, umber or brick color.
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