Monday, June 22, 2015

Costuming Post

This is a costuming post.  When we were visiting the Dwyers, we went to a restaurant called The 76 House, which was a tavern and inn used by the American revolutionaries.  The house had some (presumably) replicas of the uniforms of the time.  I figured my costuming friends might like the colonial outfits.  I'm assuming the blue coat is from the American Army and that the red coat is English.  I'm not sure what nationality the dress in the second photo is.

While we were at the MET, I saw a Renaissance era silk "peascod" fencing doublet.  I think this one is English (I didn't photograph the placard with it, so it might be Italian).  This would have been worn by a gentleman as he practiced fencing with a rapier; the idea is that the padding would have prevented (some) injuries.

I figured that I could use this as a research reference for when I write fantasy stories.

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