Thursday, May 07, 2015


Writing:  Going through critiques to make changes to the Sword and Sorceress manuscript.  I got a really good critique from one of the Wordos -- one that went a little farther than "I liked it" and a few notes -- and I made sure to thank him for it.   Everyone  seemed to like the world-building in the story; which was funny because I was trying to focus  on character and  not the world (because I always over-focus on the world).  The deadline is looming, so this story is going to be the focus for the next five or six days.

Working Out:  My tennis elbow is slowly getting better.  I've been taking it easier on my arms, and I've been avoiding triceps exercises that involve moving weights over my head.  Did about six minutes on an elliptical running machine for a warm-up, then 10 minutes at 650 cal/hour and about 100 calories.  Barbells, lat-pulldown, curl-ups, and dips on an assisted-dip machine.  
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