Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You Deserve a War Today...

Scene: outside at Cafe John, as the evening spreads her cloak across the sky...

The Child (in the midst of bloody "imaganative play,"swings stick "gun"):  "...every man's mustache was covered in blood!    Right, lads!  FIRE!  (Runs across back yard.)  Surround the village!  FIRE! (Makes machine gun noise.)  Chop down the trees and burn them!  FIRE! (More gun sounds.)  FIRE!  Anyone who tries to escape, round them up and--"

John (increasingly disturbed by the marshal cacophony):  "Bud!  Why don't you rework--"

The Child:  "--Take them to McDonalds! And force them to eat! -- What?  Why are you laughing?"

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